Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Moorgate Trolley

I walk down London Wall every day.

Part of London Wall intersects with Moorgate. And outside the Vodafone shop, there was this trolley. I think it's a trolley from ASDA, it's quite hard to tell -- the street was busy, and it was snowing quite heavily (although the snow wasn't settling, just melting away) (Closer inspection of the photo reveals the trolley is in fact from Waitrose. So it's posh, as well as lost).

Wherever this trolley is from, there aren't any supermarkets big enough to offer shopping trolleys anywhere near where this was taken. This is Cnetral London, in the most Central London sense -- 3 mins from Liverpool Street, 5 mins from the Bank Of England, 10 mins from St Pauls Cathedral.

24 hours after this photo was taken, the trolley was still there. and of course it had become a receptacle for passerby's rubbish. Another 24 hours, it had gone again.

I was walking home early because of snow on the traintracks, so it would have been about 3:30pm when I took this.