Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fanfarewell 3 of 3

I used to walk a set path to and from the train, on my way to work, every day.

I saw some strange things. Often involving shopping trolleys. Sometimes what I saw was very pretty, sometimes it was very mundane. I took pictures of some of what I saw -- only if there was nobody about at the time. And then sometimes I'd post the resultant photos, and write about them.

It was my way of both documenting and inventing a ritual. This ritual involved unseen people, probably kids, doing...things. What these things, and this ritual, intended to acheive, I have no idea. I don't think that matters.

I don't travel along that route any more due to certain changes in my life. And so, to finish, here's a video slideshow of some of the photos I've collected. Some have been written about, some I intended to write about but never did. There are more still which I've not been able to find.

The music is by Duncan Jewett.

See you around.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fanfarewell 2 of 3

I walk along the alley that connects Millenium Way and Stubbs lane everyday.

As I walked home on Tuesday night, one of the street lights started pulsing as I walked toward it.

Did it know it would never light my way again?

I was walking home after a night out in London, so it would have been about 10:30pm when I shot this.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Fanfarewell 1 of 3

I cross Cressing Road every day.

My changes in my personal circumstances have intensified, and my walk to work has been occuring with increasing infrequency. Within the next few days, it will stop altogether, forever, as I permanently change my route to work.

To signal this change, the ritual has become more showy, returning to its heyday of trolleys on top of fences and so on. This includes the trolley-in-a-climbing-frame from a few weeks ago, and now this -- the trolley upside-down ontop of an electrical outlet box.

In terms of raw effort, this doesn't come close to the trolley-in-the-fence. However, the distance between this location and the trolley's parent supermarket is impressive, and the concepts at work here appeal to me: the reversal of the trolley's function as a vessel, for instance.

I sincerely hope the next two mornings bring bounty as rich as this.

I was rushing to the station, running late for my train, so it would have been about 7:20am when I took this.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Norwich Death Trolley

A long overdue submission from Ms Laura Stoney:
"The story with the trolley - it was for a project at art school where i documented drunken aftermaths and it was in norwich city centre v early on a sunday morning. Feel free to use it for all of your artistic endeavours, but you must give me royalties."