Thursday, 23 July 2009

Gummy Gravel

I walk along Dunstable Drive every day.

Along one of the houses is a thin strip of gravel, which seperates the property boundry from the pavement.

Someone has purposefully added a selection of multi-coloured sweets to this gravel.

I honestly can't think of any reason this would have been done, other than to brighten up the gravel. It's possible that the sweets had been dropped accidentally and then swept into the gravel -- but surely the natural thing to do in that situation would be to sweep them into the road, on the other side of the pavement?

And so, this was done on purpose. Perhaps it's part of the continuing, random ritual beign carried out irregularly by the shifting, amorphous groups of youths that control the landscape at this end of town. The group that drags trolleys away from Tesco even though the wheels lock magnetically as soon as they're out of the carpark. The group that scrawls bizarre and pointless messages up and down the lamposts of Braintree. The same group that furiously destroys every sapling tree in their path.

But what spell are they casting with their actions, what is this ritual, and when will it be complete?

I was walking to work, so it would have been about 07:10am when this was taken.

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