Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The ritual continues

I walk across King George's Field every day.

Sometimes, I think that the ritualistic behaviour on King George's Field is a figment of my imagination, that I've taken random occurances and linked them tenuously together to make a bizarre, slightly compelling whole.

And then I'll come across things like this. Again, it's a 'Trolley In An Odd Place' -- but for it to have been placed here, in mockery and salutation of the rugby posts, leads me to beleive that the ritual is real, and that it continues.

I was walking to work, so it would have been about 7:10am when I took this.


  1. Do you ever wonder whether they've found your blog and are performing for your benefit/bewilderment?

  2. You should go into Chelmsford and see them in their natural habitat, half submerged in the river Chelmer.