Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Woodland Trolley

I walk along the alley between Stubbs Lane and Millenium Way every day.

During the summer I found this trolley dumped in the entrance to a small wooded area that runs alongside the alley.

At first it looked to me like it had been placed there as some kind of magical bung, stopping any nature seeping out from the tiny wood into the alley. That idea fit quite well with the 'Trolleys As Instruments of Ritual' hypothesis I was running with the time (and by no means have abandoned).

But now it looks more like it was abandoned during an aborted shopping trip into the wood. That someone would attempt to get the trolley up that bumpy incline and them wheel it amongst the shrubs and gorse and trees seems oddly rational to me.

I was walking home, which would normally mean it would be about 18:30 that I took this, but according to the image's metadata it was 17:29, so I must have come home early that day.

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