Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Fanfarewell 1 of 3

I cross Cressing Road every day.

My changes in my personal circumstances have intensified, and my walk to work has been occuring with increasing infrequency. Within the next few days, it will stop altogether, forever, as I permanently change my route to work.

To signal this change, the ritual has become more showy, returning to its heyday of trolleys on top of fences and so on. This includes the trolley-in-a-climbing-frame from a few weeks ago, and now this -- the trolley upside-down ontop of an electrical outlet box.

In terms of raw effort, this doesn't come close to the trolley-in-the-fence. However, the distance between this location and the trolley's parent supermarket is impressive, and the concepts at work here appeal to me: the reversal of the trolley's function as a vessel, for instance.

I sincerely hope the next two mornings bring bounty as rich as this.

I was rushing to the station, running late for my train, so it would have been about 7:20am when I took this.

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