Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day at night

I walk along the path that connects Millenium Way to Stubbs Lane every day.

During the winter, it's dark when I walk to and from work.

There is a football pitch alongside Stubbs Lane that on some nights will turn on floodlights in order to make it possible for football to be played.

The light is extraordinary. It shines through the trees and gives the area an ethereal quality. It's impossible not to think of aliens and Level 3 encounters. It is impressive, and transportive.

For the birds though, the light has an even more dramatic effect. The floodlight is bright enough that the birds think that dawn is breaking, and they all sit in the trees singing accordingly. But the quantity of light doesn't change, as it would during daybreak. And so the birds are trapped in time, announcing the arrival of morning until the football ground's caretaker goes home for the night and turns the lights off on his way.

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