Monday, 8 June 2009

Trolley In A Fence

I walk along the path that connects Millenium Way to Stubbs Lane every day.

On my way home one day, I noticed a number of shopping trolleys which had been abandoned in odd places. This is the first one I saw. It had been hoisted up onto this fence. The fence is about 6' tall, maybe taller.

It occured to me what a frenzied effort it must have taken to get it up there. Trolleys are deceptively heavy, but not only that, they are unweildly -- once they are off the ground, they are spastic in space.

Whoever got it up there could not have done so gracefully. Sheer, shaking fury would have been necessary to get it up there, even if it was a group exercise. Especially if it was a group exercise.

What sort of person would decide on that course of action, and then be bloody-minded enough to follow through?

I was walking home, so it would have been about 18:35 when I took this.

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