Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Most Peaceful Place On Earth

I wait for the train at Freeport Station every day.

I say "Freeport Station" but it's just a platform, on a branch line. The train comes in every hour on its way to Braintree, and 15mins later comes back through again as it heads back to Witham.

The platform sits in a little man-made valley, surrounded on two sides with trees. It's been very well designed to keep the sound of any passing trains contained in its hollow. And very little sound leaks in from the rest of the world.

Some days, I'm late, and miss the train. And I loiter in the platform's shelter, with three quarters of an hour to wait, alone, before the train returns.

Out there, it feels like the quietest, most peaceful place on earth.

I decided to record this silence one morning. And after 8 seconds of bird song and the rustle of leaves, I got bored, made a bizarre tapping noise and stopped recording.

As I'd missed the train on the way to work, it would have been about 8:00am when I filmed this.

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