Sunday, 21 June 2009

Hot Snack Undergound

I walk across King George's Field Every Day.

Like most spaces frequented by teenagers, for whom the use of bins must be terrifying, King George's Field is often covered in litter.

Most of it comes as expected. Crisp bags, scraps of paper (often from exercise books), beer bottles. That type of thing.

But there's also a bizarrely high number of empty Pot Noodle containers. I imagine there being a localised fad amongst the youth of Braintree for carrying flasks of boiling water around with them, solely for the purpose of making hot snacks in a park. Probably to give them the energy to hoist trolleys on to the top of fences, or to kick fledgling trees in half.

I was walking to work, so it would have been about 7:11 when I took this.

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